The symposium will cover subjects including characteristics of biofilms, quorum sensing in biofilms, industrially- and clinically-relevant biofilms and emerging technologies on biofilms. In the relevant fields, distinguished scholars are invited for keynote presentations, and young scientists with latest research findings from various disciplines are invited for oral presentations. This is undoubtedly the best opportunity for participants to present the recent progress and foster new collaboration. This symposium also builds a bridge between relevant enterprises in China and international universities.

Highlighted topics include:

1. Bioinformatics analysis in biofilms

2. Biofilms development and control

3. Biofilms antimicrobial resistance

4. Communication and signaling factors in biofilms

5. Rapid detection and application to biofilms bacteria

6. Virulence and toxins on clinical biofilms

7. Evolution and stress tolerance in Biofilms

8. Industrial and applied biofilms research