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South China University of Technology


The South China University of Technology (SCUT) is a leading educational institution in China, a public research-intensive university that is directly governed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Located in the city of Guangzhou, a thriving metropolis in South China, it today covers a total area of 405 hectares, consisting of three campuses: the Wushan Campus, the University Town Campus, and the Guangzhou International Campus. The university was formerly known as the South China Institute of Technology, which was first founded in 1952 by merging the engineering schools and departments of a number of major universities and polytechnic universities from five provinces in central and Southern China. After over 60 years of development, SCUT has become a multi-disciplinary university, merging science, engineering, business management, arts and social science, medicine and other disciplines into one integration. Since its founding, it has educated over 380,000 graduates at all levels. In 2016, SCUT was ranked the world’s top 300 universities by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, with its engineering placed at the 22nd place. According to Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators, SCUT has chemistry, materials science, engineering, agricultural science, physics, biology and biochemistry, computer science, and environment and ecology ranked in the global top 1%. SCUT has established connections and partnerships with over 50 overseas universities to promote student training and scientific research. Considering the importance of people as the fundamental element of education, the university always sees “the academy as the foundation, talented ones as the strength, open minds as the vitality, and the culture of the university as the energy to thrive and last”. All these efforts are building SCUT as a top-ranking university in the country and a renowned world-class institution.


The School of Food Science and Engineering (SFSE) was established newly in November 2015 through the reorganization of the School of Light Industry and Food Science, however, its history can be dated back to 1952, the beginning of the University. The first degree program of the School, Sugar and Food Engineering, was started to run at that time. Currently, the school has two undergraduate programs as well as Food Science and Engineering, and Food Quality and Safety, and two postdoctoral programs, Food Science and Engineering and Light Industrial Technology and Engineering.  A national evaluation of key discipline carried out in 2012 showed that the Food Science and Engineering in the School were ranking No.3 among Chinese universities.

The School of Food Science and Engineering is one of the most important units in the University featuring high level innovative scientific research. The School has a national engineering research center (Wheat and Corn Processing Lab), a national innovation and technology platform (Starch and Plant Proteins Research Center) and several provincial/ministry scientific research institutes, such as Guangdong Key Laboratory for Green Processing and Safety of Natural Products, Guangdong Technical Center for Food Processing and Nutrition, Guangdong Lipid Science and Applied Technology Center, Guangdong International Collaborate Center for Sugar Green Processing, etc.

The School takes the student education as the primary task and provides perfect environment for personal development of every student. Now, in total of 1234 students, including 521 undergraduates and 713 graduates are studying in the school. The School has extensive communication and cooperation with many top-level oversea universities and research institutes such as Cornel University, Queensland University, Rutgers University and Kyoto University. Nearly one hundred scientists, faculties and students were actively involved in the international communication and cooperation through lecture, seminar, conference, or being visiting scholars and exchange students.

Southern University of Science and Technology

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a research-oriented public university founded in Shenzhen, China’s innovation center.

From their inception, SUSTech has attached enormous importance to attracting high-quality talents to its faculty. Through our continuing efforts to introduce world-class educators, SUSTech is proud to have over 800 faculty members on staff, and they continue to expand its faculty with amazing talent from all over the world. Many of their faculty have been honored with selection into national or regional talent programs, and SUSTech is keen to nurture and cultivate its talented staff.

SUSTech is proud of its unique dual-advisor system, which ensures that our students have every aspect of their lives are cultivated to maximize their university experiences. They believe that it is important that students are able to develop their personalities and be nurtured as potential future leaders with a global outlook.

SUSTech has learned from world-class research institutions spanning the globe and has planned its academic disciplines based on the major needs and strategic industries emerging around the Pearl River Delta region. With a major focus on science and engineering, SUSTech still has substantial research focuses in medicine, humanities and social services, to maximize the potential for new ideas across disciplines for new knowledge, new technologies and social development.

As SUSTech adapts and embraces the new challenges, the university continues to expand its academic opportunities for future leaders. With a strong emphasis on research, the growth in research centers and key laboratories will provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

The SUSTech campus sits in the rolling hills of Nanshan District in the bustling city of Shenzhen, with the verdant green lawns reflecting the environmentally friendly policies of the university. The natural and tranquil environment combines perfectly with the modern style of Shenzhen and its convenient location. With the campus covering an area of nearly 2 square kilometers, there is plenty of room for students to cogitate and consider their research or relax and enjoy their lives on campus. With students transiting the campus on foot, by bike or utilizing our convenient electric shuttle buses, our commitment to environmental sustainability is strong. By placing ourselves among glorious greenery, we can partake in and protect the gorgeous flora and fauna that naturally occurs in Guangdong Province.

AEIC Academic Exchange Information Centre


AEIC Academic Exchange Information Centre is a non-profit, non-governmental, international academic organization.

With the mission of “Promote academic exchange, develop information platform”, and the academic spirit of “Being serious, open, realistic and royal”, AEIC serves as an international platform for science and technology communication, as well as the free exchange of academic achievements. AEIC is well known with its mature management team and advanced conference service system.

With the support of overseas academic institutions, AEIC successfully held over 100 international conferences or forums covering multiple areas. Over 20, 000 famous scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the world have been invited to participate in the conferences or forums.

The topics of conferences od forums involve energy and environment, electronic engineering, computer science, mechanic and automation, materials and manufacturing technology, architectural and civil engineering, chemical and biological engineering, medical science, humanities and social science, etc.

Furthermore, AEIC has built up strong collaboration relationships with many famous publishing groups, such as IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, IOP, Academic Press, ASME, American Scientific Publishing, SPIE, CRC Press / Balkema, DEStech Publications and Atlantis Press. AEIC is responsible for recommending outstanding papers to famous international journals for publication.

Guangzhou Genedenovo Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Genedenovo Bio-tech Co., Ltd is founded in February 2012. It has two national-level incubators located in Guangzhou Biological Island and Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. Adhering to the core development idea of data-driving  and vision of leading healthy life with gene technology, the company has served more than 2000 enterprises and clinical and scientific research institutions with more than 5200 service projects. Dedicated to building an innovative business mode of “industry-university-research cooperation” with the participation of users and pioneering in the business mode exploration of precision medicine,  the company is targeted at becoming a leading service provider for precision medicine.

Core mission: to provide competitive genetic solutions and services;  to continuously create values for customers.