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Before May 31, 


July 31, 


September 31, 


Onsite Registration




conference only)

Conference packet(conference proceedings, badge, etc.)RMB500RMB700RMB900RMB1200
Tea Break
Lunch & (or) Dinner
Attend all the sub forums
Submit one page paper for communication OR  One poster
CAll contents included in Type ARMB2,600RMB3,000RMB3,300RMB3,500
Publish in EI Conference proceedings
DAll contents included in Type ARMB5,000RMB5,800RMB5,500RMB6,000
Publish abstract in SCI Journal 
EAll contents included in Type ARMB20,000RMB22,000RMB25,000RMB27,000
One(1) seat for Workshop on October 13.
Publish full paper in SCI special issue
FAll contents included in Type ARegistration Fee is related to the journal IF. Please contact the conference  secretary for the specific cost.
Publish full paper in SCI regular issue
Attend Workshop on October 13
Attend appreciation banquet on October 13.